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About me

@annaatir Is a Multidisciplinary Design Freelance.

Among the areas we work in are: graphics and identity, packaging, websites, social content and advertising.

Hi! I'm Anna Rita, a Visual Designer with several years of experience in the sector. Specialized with top marks in Visual and Innovation Design at RUFA, my passion for design began when I was little, when I was a creative passionate about art. Today, this passion has turned into a career dedicated to the creation of strong and distinctive brands.

I firmly believe that every project is an opportunity to tell a unique story, and I am committed to providing creative solutions that reflect the true essence of my clients. With a combination of creativity, strategy and attention to detail, I am here to bring your ideas to life and make your brand shine.

Let's get to know each other better

Anna Rita Cavallo

Visual designer

Born in 1998, I have an innate passion for fashion and meticulous attention to detail. For me, every project represents the opportunity

to give 110% of myself, transforming encounters

and stories into unique and fascinating creations.

My curiosity pushes me

to meet new people and discover different worlds

to tell through my work.


Do you want to know more about me?

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